Rose PearlmanI had plans of rebellion growing up in a family of artists. I spent years ignoring what was right in front of me: the paint, charcoal, pastels, yarn, fiber, wood, clay……

I couldn’t see any benefits to the creative chaos. In my adolescent mind the kitchen table should not double as an easel, depictions of nude women should never hang in the living room, and clothes covered in paint should not be worn to parent teacher conferences.

It took years after leaving home to realize the life I could only see as messy was rich in creativity.

Today I am an artist and art teacher with a focus on textile design. My workshops center on ways of making beautiful home objects with simple, inexpensive materials. No prior knowledge, skill set or special tools are necessary. I jump around project-to-project, idea-to-idea. Now I am thankful for my parents who have taught me to value a life filled with creating, tinkering, and playing…..And yes, paint stained clothing.

Please contact me if you are interested in hosting a workshop or with any questions regarding my art or upcoming classes.